scope of work

  • UI & UX Design
  • Product Design
  • Identity System


for drugbank

Building a design language for medication knowledge.

Drugbank is a globally recognized data resource for trusted information on medications, bioinformatics, and cheminformatics. Drugbank approached Educe to expand the company identity and their web-based software product. We built a modular design language that can be applied across all Drugbank product touch points — providing an expansive visual language that can grow with Drugbank’s products.

the project

DrugBank is a dynamic database operating in a complex environment, with over 1 million users per month accessing their information. We were asked to develop a design toolset for DrugBanks’s team of developers that would improve the functionalities and visual design of the database. It was important to the DrugBank team that we approach the redesign using visual design strategies that would avoid large changes to the underlying structure of the web application, making the new design transition as easy as possible for users.

the solution

Based on Drugbank’s values and insights gathered through research, Educe developed a visual design language as a tool for the Drugbank team. A cohesive visual design system along with user experience strategies was designed for their current web application and can be modularly applied to adaptations of the database and future products. Synchronizing features and developing across multiple products takes significant effort. The new design language mitigates repetition of the same work or inconsistencies across platforms, increasing the efficiency of the team to dynamically evolve their software and respond flexibly to demands and change. In addition to the global look and feel, we worked with DrugBank to redesign their landing page and filter functions, as well as making considerable improvements to their device-responsive design.

UI Elements

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