scope of work

  • Logo
  • Marketing Materials
  • Illustration
  • Web Design & Development
  • Installation
  • Instructional Design
  • Print Design


For Molecular You

Shaping data-driven health.

Molecular You is a Vancouver based start-up company poised to take a lead in implementing data-driven personalized health solutions. Molecular You turned to Educe’s design expertise to help create a brand experience journey that delivers on the promise of a new era of health personalization.

the project

Molecular You is not your typical health provider. Biomarkers across multiple “omic” profiles — genomic, proteomic, metabolomic, microbiomic and exposomic — are carefully selected, collected through blood samples and analyzed to see their effect on the body. The analysis is reported back through an interactive web-application, empowering people with a wealth of individualized health information and directions towards a healthier lifestyle. Educe has worked with Molecular You to create an identity which can be applied to presentations, packaging, print, marketing collateral and web. The identity is dynamic and vibrant – reflecting the company’s name and ethos to provide a unique and innovative platform for health management.

the solution

Educe developed a brand and website to highlight the precision and dynamic nature of Molecular You’s approach to healthcare. This was done by using the contrasts of icon systems and grids paired with organic, dynamic forms and pattern work. A series of custom icon systems signify the key omic biomarker categories that the company analyzes, and a second icon system represents the health categories assessed through the multi-omic analysis. The health system icons all associate directly to the body illustration that serves as the anatomical map, both for interactive elements and for communication collateral.

The pattern is used as a ‘wireframe’ across visual elements and photography to signify the molecular dynamics that are taking place inside and around us all the time —the pattern suggests the intersecting way molecules trigger, affect and change each other and our health in a constant and dynamic way. Educe continues to work with Molecular you to create an identity system that provides a cohesive visual experience across Molecular You’s many touch-points and a suite of assets that will help them stand out in the emerging field of Personalized Medicine.




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