Founded in 2013, we are a design and innovation consultancy in Vancouver. With a focus on innovation through design, we help companies and organizations discover and deliver engaging brand-, product- and user experiences.


CEO + Founder

Solveig is an entrepreneur with an interdisciplinary background in education, design, and business leadership. As the CEO of Educe Design and Innovation (ED&I), she has successfully established herself as a design consultant — leading the company in applying user-centred design methods to business transformation, product strategy, and technology innovation. ED&I was founded on Solveig’s vision to work together with individuals and organizations tackling ambitious and complex ideas, to help them translate these into meaningful and tools, experiences and products. A strong advocate of diversity of thinking as a foundation of innovation, Solveig addresses design challenges deeply, and continuously stirs the status quo to discover new ways to create solutions for the dynamic and ever-evolving world we live in.

Solveig has extensive experience in product, service, and organizational strategy, leadership, and implementation. During her career background in aviation and petroleum R&D, Solveig managed global teams and developed targeted tools, programs, and change management initiatives aimed at prompting behavioural and cultural changes in organizations. Her collective experiences in corporate, startup, educational, and creative environments have exposed her to a variety of contexts and challenges, allowing her to hone in methods that combine design, business strategy, behaviour theory, and technology.

Solveig holds a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Design, and is driven to bring innovative ideas to life through interdisciplinary collaborations.


Studio Director + Health Sciences Specialist

Joslyn is the Studio Director and Health Sciences Specialist for ED&I, with a strong background in biochemistry and the life sciences. She is enthusiastic about knowledge translation and enhancing education platforms through innovative learning tools. Joslyn is driven by the challenge of solving a unique puzzle, and the opportunity to impact and empower others through various design solutions. She recognizes the value of community and is committed to supporting transparent and honest collaboration with clients.

Joslyn is trained in both classical and modern biochemical techniques, and has extensive experience in content creation and instructing for undergraduate science courses. Her master’s thesis focused on the treatment of prostate cancer using gene-targeted nanotherapeutics, and she has worked alongside research groups focused on neuroscience and the mechanisms required to maintain a healthy brain, as well as public health and the elimination of hepatitis C in BC. She has presented her research at multiple international conferences and is a recipient of UBC’s Ronnie Miller Graduate Scholarship in Personalized Medicine.

Joslyn holds a Bachelor of Science degree with a combined Honours in Biochemistry and Chemistry and a Master of Science degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from UBC in Vancouver, BC.