We transform ideas into realities

Founded in 2014, Educe Design is a creative studio that places the needs, wants, and unique circumstances of users at the core of our design process.

Whether we are creating a website, printed communication materials, or the information architecture for a new application, every design decision we make has the potential to influence human behaviour. Our human-centered approach places the needs, wants, and unique circumstances of the end user at the core of our design process.

Our client’s products and services are digital tools, physical objects, branded spaces, or combined aspects of all. Every project deserves to be treated differently and we offer a suite of services ranging from end-to-end solution design to creative production services. With diverse capabilities in design, technology, and strategy we provide the flexibility to customize our services to suit your particular business needs and create distinct experiences that range digital, physical and environmental domains.

Our Services

Multi-disciplinary Collaborations

Working at the intersection of design, technology, and businesses, we establish multi-disciplinary collaborations with our partners to identify and translate their needs and determine the best direction for projects. Solutions may include software development, process improvement, organizational change, or strategic planning and/or policy development.

User Experience Design

We connect in countless ways, interacting with each other in person, through physical service interactions and digital channels. By mapping people’s experiences with the cultures and capabilities of organizations, we uncover how people are affected by business processes, products, and services. We apply methods to create solutions that give people meaningful experiences, cue purposeful actions, and positive behavior change.

Product Strategy

With design leadership, we proactively define the vision and strategic intent of a project. We use design strategy to frame projects and elicit what to design and why, before approaching how to design it, creating coherent frameworks that are scalable design systems for brands, products, or service experiences.

Web Design & Development

We envision, design, prototype, and build flexible and strong web experiences across multiple devices, from desktop to mobile. We also have the expertise and professional network to build custom web sites which require more sophisticated backend development.

Illustration & Print Design

We create engaging visualizations to communicate and make tangible a product or service, helping people to connect to our client’s business and advancing people’s experiences. We apply visual design to project ideas and information so that it communicates both functionally and emotionally.

Motion Graphics

Some information is best conveyed through a time-based medium. We create custom motion graphics that effectively communicate a brand or service, or help to explain complex processes. Our work includes animations, screen captures, and voice over.

Identity Design

From traditional identity marks to digital and environmental experiences, we help companies identify, create and effectively communicate their brand through strong visual and verbal language.

Digital Design

Technology is ubiquitous in today’s landscape of connected services and products, offering new opportunities and posing complex problems at the same time. We envision, conceptualize, prototype, and create custom and engaging software applications for our customers by leveraging our expertise in design, technology, and business.

What to Expect

Working with us is a creative joint venture. Led by iterative problem-solving methods we work together with you to draw out opportunities and generate insights. We combine design, business strategy, and technology to ensure that we align with your business needs, that strategic intent is met and that we deliver sustainable solutions that scale. We work side-by-side from start to finish, ensuring the final designs realize business goals, technical feasibility, and customer needs.

We create lasting relationships with the people we work with.

Our clients

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