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Solveig Johannessen

CEO + Founder

Solveig is an entrepreneur with an interdisciplinary background in education, design and business leadership. As the CEO of Educe Design and Innovation, she has successfully established herself as a design consultant—leading the company in applying user-centered design methods to business transformation, product strategy, and technology innovation.

Solveig has extensive experience in product, service and organizational strategy, leadership and implementation. During her career background in aviation and petroleum R&D, Solveig managed global teams and developed targeted tools, programs and change management initiatives aimed at promoting behavioural and cultural changes in organizations. Her collective experiences in corporate, startup, educational and creative environments have exposed her to a variety of contexts and challenges, allowing her to hone in methods that combine design, business strategy, behaviour theory, and technology.

Solveig holds a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Design and is driven to bring innovative ideas to life through interdisciplinary collaborations.

Markus Lorenz Schilling

Interaction Designer

Markus is an Interaction Designer at Educe, with a strong technical proficiency and curiosity for different areas of design. Markus believes in design that can positively shape our relationship with technology and his experience working within industry, research and teaching have contributed to unique and versatile skill set.

In addition to his regular work at Educe, Markus also works on projects and publications within the design research community and is the co-author of the book “Prototyping Interfaces” – a book about prototyping with the visual programming language vvvv. Markus enjoys working with technology and utilizing prototyping as a way to explore and iterate innovative design solutions.

Markus holds a BA in Interaction Design from the University of Design (HfG) Schwäbisch Gmünd and an MA in Interactive Arts + Technology from Simon Fraser University and is motivated by seeking meaningful and engaging solutions that scale.


Communication Designer

Yuriy is a Communication Designer who is interested in how design can help define our understanding of each other, our surroundings and essentially our daily communication processes. Yuriy enjoys design for social change and combining techniques from visual art processes in his work and is interested in how design can effectively contextualize our surrounding world.

Yuriy has designed for non-profit organizations, startups, small businesses and has done volunteer work for various organizations. He enjoys overseeing visual, strategic and concept solutions for client projects, and ensuring meticulous design execution.

When not designing, Yuriy loves checking out local art and music shows, is passionate about sustainability, travelling, as well as partaking in outdoor activities in the Vancouver area.

Yuriy holds a Bachelor of Design in Communication Design with a minor in Art + Text from Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Vancouver, Canada. He is passionate about how design can impact change on a daily basis and in a global context

Daniel Kim

Communication Designer

Daniel is a Communication Designer with a passion for illustration and graphic design. He’s keen to always learn new techniques and skills across all design mediums, and is attentive to give each client project the innovation it deserves.

Daniel is driven to interpret client brand and communication needs and translate these into distinctive and unique visual expressions. He finds inspiration in type and hand lettering and enjoys working with custom illustration, iconography and animations to bring clients projects to life.

When not designing, Daniel likes various activities such as reading books, hiking, exercising, watching video tutorials for learning new creative activities and he is a male knitter.

Daniel holds a Bachelor of Communication Design from Emily Carr University of Art + Design in Vancouver, Canada.

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