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The Department of Continuing Professional Development (CPD), University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine, provides continuing education to health care professionals across the province. They offer a wide range of activities and services that address current challenges, and help healthcare practitioners navigate their professional lives and grow in their practices. ED&I was engaged to rebrand, create new brand communications materials, and redesign the UBC CPD website. The rebranding included visual and verbal brand strategy. ED&I initiated the process with a brand discovery workshop that included the wider UBC CPD staff to capture the brand’s vision and voice. These stakeholders are usually those who will have some sort of say in the approval of the final product.

In preparation for the workshop, we conducted a survey with key user groups touched by the UBC CPD brand and services. The results were aggregated and prepared as a summary to give quick insights and facts, and elicit discussion during the workshop. Design thinking exercises were prepared for the group to work through — offering space to step back from the day-to-day and make new connections about what they stand for and how they are perceived.

Through our discovery workshops, we get to dig into what’s working, what’s not working, and what the brand means to the client, personally. These individual attachments will prove very important when trying to get everyone on board with the new brand, and will form the foundation for the brand’s verbal and visual communication strategy.

The Client

UBC Continuing Professional Development




Capture key insights on the existing brand from a wide range of stakeholders for the ensuing brand articulation, template designs, and digital designs.


A targeted discovery session with tailored design thinking exercises and discussions that formed the foundation for the brand’s verbal and visual communication strategy.


Art & Creative


The UBC CPD supports around 50,000 busy health care professionals across British Columbia, who are looking for continuing professional development. They have around 600 partners who seek to work with them and/or use their accreditation, registration, event, planning, and research services. Their staff of 44 individuals prepare materials and communications for their respective sub-groups and focus areas. ED&I’s survey and ensuing workshop aimed at capturing insights from this wide range of stakeholders, focusing in on the tasks at hand for the brand articulation, template designs, and digital designs that would follow.


The workshop was tight on time and was formulated as a targeted discovery session. Activities built off of the survey insights enabled the UBC CPD team to gauge their own perceptions alongside those from the audience they serve, articulate needs and concerns that they feel from within, and take the opportunity to explore their visions of the brand.

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