scope of work

  • Marketing Materials
  • Print Design
  • Illustration
  • Information Graphics


A differentiated law program.

The Peter A. Allard School of Law strongly represents the University of British Columbia’s pioneering mentality that results in a sense of unusual openness to fresh, new ways of thinking and tackling tough questions. The Allard Graduate Program contacted Educe to create an information package that would attract prospective students to their programs and differentiate them in their field.

the project

With a vision to clearly communicate their high-quality degree attributes and the desire to create a unique and flexible visual expression for their program, the Allard team approached Educe for a visual design and strategy that could set them apart. We were tasked with creating program information materials that provide clear differentiation in an otherwise traditional competitive landscape. While incorporating the existing UBC and Allard School of Law brand systems, we needed to infuse a unique flare that could visually distinguish the Graduate Program for this package and that can be used for future projects.

the solution

We worked with the team at Allard to create a package that is streamlined, student-focused, and interesting to pick up and explore. To simplify wordy brochures and draw student attention with at-a-glance information, we created infographics to provide snapshots of the program with highlights and focus. The main brochure is built around discovery, exploration and a peek into the community of Allard; doubling as a campus map, the brochure highlights the collaborative learning environment that surrounds the Allard School of Law. Program cards supplement the brochure and allow students to gather more information about the programs they are interested in. A modular approach allows the team at Allard to add or edit information without changing the entire package.




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