scope of work

  • Identity System
  • Brand Guideline
  • Animation
  • Information Architecture
  • Web Design
  • Communication Strategy


for Coral Health

Communicating the benefits of blockchain in health care.

Coral Health develops blockchain-powered solutions that automate cumbersome paperwork processes and ensures shared & secure access to validated healthcare information. Educe was engaged by Coral Health to redesign their website, communicate the benefits of blockchain technology in health care, and strengthen their visual brand.

the project

A relatively new technology, blockchain provides a shared, immutable ledger for recording the history of transactions. The technology has the potential to change how we connect, transact, and communicate with each other in the healthcare system and will soon become the underlying structure for many of the transactional applications and services we use today. Coral Health came to Educe looking for a new approach for their visual brand and website, and a way to educate stakeholders of the benefits of Coral Health’s blockchain network. Educe and Coral Health worked side-by-side to develop a new and exciting narrative and impactful outreach strategy.

the solution

The first step in repositioning Coral Health’s communication strategy was to understand who we were trying to reach. The messaging laid the foundation for visual strategies, hierarchy of information and storytelling. There are multiple stakeholders who benefit from and interact through the Coral Health blockchain network. By sub-branding these stakeholders with easily identifiable graphics, we introduced a visual system that carries through different website pages, animations, and other media channels.

Educe refreshed the company logo and established a visual brand guideline for Coral Health. This included a strong colour scheme and a recognizable illustration style that can be applied from simple iconography to animated narratives.


Considering the complex nature of the topic and that most audiences only read a very limited amount of text on a web page, there is not much time to catch a viewer’s interest. Visuals are often what will make them stay, engage, and share. We therefore embedded animations describing the application and benefits of blockchain technology in the healthcare ecosystem. Thus giving viewers an engaging platform to understand the foundation of a technology that has yet to become mainstream.

UI Elements

Graphic elements and styles made especially for Coral Health further brand recognition, ensuring a personal touch and expressing the brand’s commitment to quality.

Brand Guideline

A detailed brand guideline outlining the use of colour, fonts, imagery, icons and logo helps Coral Health’s marketing team to create consistent, clean, and engaging communication materials across multiple platforms

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