scope of work

  • Product Design
  • UI & UX Design
  • Web App Design
  • Design Strategy

for Secret Client

Visualizing aircraft operations with a data-driven dashboard.

An aircraft services company reached out to us in need of a dashboard for performance monitoring and visualization of their helicopter fleet. We designed a web-based platform displaying real-time, decision critical information to monitor their helicopter operations and support.

the project

Our client captures and monitors a large amount of data detailing the statuses and information of an aircraft fleet. The only way to relay this information was manual and time-consuming, requiring data to be tied together from several separate gateways. The opportunity was to consolidate all the information to one reporting portal and create an intuitive interface that would bring all the right details at the fingertips of those who needed to make effective decisions. Improving access and visibility of the right information at the right time would also streamline communication and ultimately improve the efficiency of the aircraft operations and support.

the solution

The web-based dashboard visualizes and details key metrics required to support daily operational decisions such as scheduled maintenance, aircraft groundings, location, range, equipment and crew capabilities.

The main visualizations display key data at-a-glance, and each section has drill-down capability to access additional details in depth. Designing for expert users familiar with the data allowed us to create a layout and interactivity that is content rich and complex even at its entry level. The card layout, allows users to immediately monitor and access multiple layers of information at once with snapshots of the most important information from each section. By clicking on a card, the report section expands and shuffles to the top, where the users can further drill down into more detail to assess or solve the operational challenge at hand.

Key Features

  • Update frequency: Near ‘Real-Time’ updates (refreshes every 5 minutes)
  • Screen type: Responsive for key browser sizes (Large display, desktop, tablet)
  • Technology platform: Web browser
  • User expertise: Expert
  • Audience: Multiple users with the same requirements
  • Upgrades: Modular design allows for easy implementation of new data visualizations and content
  • 5 data visualizations with detailed information for each aircraft
  • Ability to quickly gather overview of whole fleet, as well as specific details
  • Login screen
  • Modular design allows for easy scaling

UI Elements

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