scope of work

  • Web Design & Development
  • Print Design
  • UI & UX Design
  • Illustration

For GenXys Health Care Systems

Personalized prescriptions made easy, affordable & digital.

A Vancouver based company, GenXys offers services that integrate personalized prescription options within the existing framework of our healthcare system. GenXys approached Educe to design and develop their website, digital communications, and printable user reports. We further developed this visual system and worked with GenXys closely to improve the visual design of their smart application, adding cohesion around all of their user touchpoints.

the project

GenXys introduces an affordable, easy solution to mitigate the risk of common adverse drug reactions. Their product, TreatGX, is a smart application that can be used by your family doctor to deliver personalized medication options. Educe was asked to create the GenXys website, improve functionalities to their software and create a report format for their pharmacogenomic reports going to patients.

the solution

Educe created a user interface and web experience that emphasized honest, educational and accessible communications—both to stress the advantages of pharmacogenomics and to showcase GenXys’ smart solution and leadership in making affordable personalized medicine available. Working closely with their business team, scientists, and computer scientists, Educe designed and developed a cohesive visual presentation of the GenXys product and service package for their September 2016 launch.

UI Elements

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