scope of work

  • User Experience Research
  • iOS & Android App
  • Software Design
  • UI & UX Design
  • Illustration
  • Motion Graphics
  • Data Visualization
  • Information Architecture

For Molecular You

Digital tools for molecular level health.

Molecules make up the fundamentals of who you are; molecular level insights can tell you more than you have ever known before. Imagine utilizing this information to plan and optimize the choices you make every day. Founded by world-leading scientists and clinicians in the personalized health sciences, Molecular You is a BC start-up poised to take the lead in implementing data-driven and personalized health delivery. Molecular You engaged Educe to envision, conceptualize, and bring to market a new solution that could help people navigate their personal health and wellness journey.

the project

With the vision to empower our understanding of the body on a molecular level, Educe was asked to design a web-based tool that would provide a guide to both individuals and health practitioners to utilize comprehensive biological information for personalized health advice. From the start, it was important to build an innovative, digitally fluent, secure and user-centered platform that would support practitioners and provide individuals with a comprehensive knowledge of their health. Based on user research workshops, iterative prototyping and regular test sessions with the user groups, the challenge was to innovate a product that will allow people to take part in their health journey in a way that has not been possible before, translating scientific data into useful, actionable, and transformative health information. As part of the product strategy and development, Educe was asked to work with the data design, service design, communication strategy as well as the application information architecture, user interface and the full experience design from home to clinic and online interactions.

the solution

In a year, Molecular You’s product has been developed from an initial concept and prototype to a fully implemented digital platform. Working in close collaboration with a diverse team of doctors, scientists, bioinformaticians, data visualizers and developers, we had to take risks, move fast, and iterate, test and implement prototypes nimbly. Uncovering insights and a deep understanding of user behaviours allowed us to continually evaluate and develop strategies to make the application resonate with users. The result is a smart application and service that puts precision health into the hands of practitioners and consumers, helping them make more informed health decisions, and contributing to the transformation of health management as a precise, safe, preventive, and sustainable model. Educe has led the design of the Molecular You platform into a unified experience. The team has conceptualized and prototyped almost every aspect of Molecular You’s products and services.

health data summary visualizations

User-testing & Workshop Insights

The level of unexplored territory and innovation required a design process of rapid, iterative cycles of exploration and testing. Involving users throughout the entire process, we protoyped flows and wireframes in low and high fidelity to envision possible solutions, unravel potential scenarios, and explore user needs and business assumptions.

Action Plan

Metabolic Health

Phenotype & Learn

ui elements

treatment support software

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